Private Mailbox Rental

size 1
size 1

5-1/2"H x 3-1/2"W

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size 2
size 2

5-1/2"H x 5-1/2"W

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size 3
size 3

10-3/4"W x 5-1/2"H

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What do you need to open your mailbox?

  1. Complete USPS Form 1583 provided at the store.

  2. Bring in the form along with two forms of identification:

a. current driver's license or state identification card

b. armed forces, government, university, or recognized   corporation identification card

c. passport

d. alien registration card or certificate of naturalization

e. current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust

f.  voter or vehicle registration card

g. home or vehicle insurance registration card

A photocopy of your identification may be retained by Ship N Box representative when you open your private mailbox, as per USPS requirements.

If you have a home office for your business, or if you're in an office space that doesn't have people there all the time during normal business hours, you may want a private mailbox.

Having one can translate into better management of your mail and packages.

The Benefits

Reliability. No more missed deliveries. We will always be there to receive your packages.

Privacy. Using a private mailbox allows you to keep your home address unpublished.

Security. Your mail and packages are kept safe and secure until you pick them up.

Mobility. If you move within the same part of town, your address can still stay the same.

An actual street address. You may find other situations in which you need an actual street address, not a P.O. box. A private mailbox is the solution.