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Starting Price From $3.66


Ship N Box offeres an Exceptional shipping experience!

Multiple-carrier Rate Comparison

Compares rates and delivery times for services from all carriers based on the shipment’s destination, weight, dimensions, declared value and packaging, to find the best fit for you.

International Shipping

We handle the complexities of international shipments effortlessly, from validating postal codes for 200+ countries, to printing the required customs forms.

USPS Mailing

Fast and efficient processing for all classes of mail. 

Drop-off Processing

Processing drop-offs for select carrier takes minimal time to drop at Ship N Box


You have options for additional insurance from the carriers and/or from third-party insurers. Just  declared a value and let us does the rest.

Emailed Delivery Notifications

We can add emails to notify you when packages have been delivered. This is an optional service.

Shipping Labels

Fill out shipping labels by hand? Never! Ship N Box communicates electronically with FedEx, and DHL systems to generate approved “ramp ready” shipping labels. For USPS services, Ship N Box can interface with the 3rd-party Endicia Label Server to produce shipping labels with postage.

Stored Address

One of the most time-consuming parts of shipping is entering recipient addresses. But with Ship N Box we just enter an address one time, it is stored for future use -  a real convenience. 

Carrier Packaging Options

FedEx, DHL, and the USPS all offer free branded packaging, and in many cases special rates and/or business rules may apply. Both flat-rate and weight-based pricing is available, Ship N Box sorts it all out for you.